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Our History

The O.T.C. was founded in 1964 by a group of parents and volunteers who were interested in providing vocational opportunities to adults with disabilities. Prior to 1964, there were few opportunities for adults with disabilities to develop the skills needed to become productive members of their communities. When we first established our services, we used available space in the basement of a school and focused our training efforts on 8 unique individuals. Since then we’ve acquired our own facilities and have grown into an organization that trains hundreds of individuals every year. With a wide variety of vocational training opportunities, our programs are designed to help adults with disabilities find the success they need in the workplace, home life and beyond.


When it was first established, the O.T.C. focused on training eight individuals in bench assembly operations. Since then, as the consumer base expanded, the Board of Trustees was forced to find more reliable sources of work. It was at this time that the O.T.C. began developing long-term, community-based service contracts which allowed for the expansion and diversification of O.T.C. programs

Over time, interest in the center continued to grow and currently, the OTC offers the following programs:

Bench Assembly Operations
Community Access Centers
Crew Labor
Food Services
Custodial Maintenance
Supported Employment
Recycling operations
• Residential Services


We still believe in our mission and work towards that vision every day. Each year, we help more than 700 individuals realize their potential through vocational evaluations, job training, and gainful employment.

With the O.T.C., the sky’s the limit! Let O.T.C. help you tap into your potential.