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Government Contracts

The Ability One Program

The Occupational Training Center is proud to be a certified government contractor under the Ability One Program. Under this program, our clients are paid wages based on the prevailing federal wage determination and are provided a stipend towards the purchase of health and welfare benefits. As a result, adults once dependent on programs such as Social Security and Medicaid are able to become independent tax-paying citizens within their communities.

The Ability One Program targets product and service contracts within the federal government for transfer to non-profit agencies which provide job training and employment for individuals with disabilities.

The OTC secured its first Ability One Program in 1994 when it was awarded a contract for food services at the then Falcon Dining Hall on McGuire AFB. The program, which today provides job training to more than 45 individuals with disabilities, is the single largest Award One Program contract in New Jersey.

Of all our contracted services, the Ability One Program is the most beneficial to both the individuals who work and train in our program as well as the general public.