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Government Custodial Contracts

Since its first small contract in 1989 at the Hughes Justice Complex, the custodial services at OTC have earned government contracts to clean six large office complexes in Trenton including the State Departments of Labor and Health and Agriculture as well as a contract in Burlington County cleaning 26 office buildings. With these state and local custodial contracts, the OTC is able to provide janitorial positions to over 30 individuals with disabilities.

In addition to food service contracts at McGuire AFB, the OTC was awarded custodial contracts for the Camden and Trenton Federal Courthouse buildings. Then, in 1995, officials at McGuire AFB, pleased with the food services provided by OTC, awarded contracts to OTC for custodial services at McGuire’s Daycare Center as well as the base recycling program. OTC secured additional custodial contracts at McGuire AFB the following year and in 2006 the officials at Ft. Dix Military Installation awarded a custodial contract to OTC to clean all the barracks and buildings.