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Services for Adults with Disabilities

 The O.T.C. provides a variety of services to adults with disabilities in New Jersey. Our programs provide them with the training and support, they need to achieve greater confidence and independence. We have created unique programs and facilities to aid and support our clients. These services include vocational training, specialized support services, community integration, and tailored programs to fit the unique needs of each individual. We are committed to ensuring that each adult feels supported and proud in their position with O.T.C.

Day Services

Our Community Access Centers, provide day habilitation, community integration, and prevocational training. The goals of each center are developing life skills and independence through development of personal goals. Each CAC provides a supported structured learning environment while creating an individualized plan for each consumer. 

In addition, the O.T.C. offers a  Special Needs Program, that tailors physical and cognitive therapies to individuals who require specialized care. Our Special Needs Program allows our clients access to the professionals they need to achieve greater results both physically and personally.

Vocational Training

In our Vocational Training programs, we work with each client to help them develop their vocational interests. Additionally, we provide the training and opportunities for them to succeed in a field of their choosing. Our goal is to ensure that each adult feels supported and proud in their position with O.T.C..

Contact Us

Click on the links to learn more about each program. Contact us with any questions you may have about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.