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Specialized Staff Training

Specialized Staff Training

Each of our Community Access Centers is fully staffed and monitored by O.T.C. to maintain the highest standards in quality and safety. We are dedicated to the safety and well-being of all of the adults in our Community Access Centers. Staff training is ongoing and we strive to continue to provide training to help serve our individuals in the best way possible. All of the O.T.C. staff are trained in:

First Aid
Bloodborne Pathogens
Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
CPI Non Violent Crisis Intervention
SPA Safe and Positive Approaches for Preventing and Responding To Crisis
Shifting Expectations
Danielle’s Law
Unusual Incident Reporting
Life Threatening Emergencies
Working with Families
Individual Rights
Cultural Competence
Slips, Trips, And Falls
Working with Individual With Disabilities
New Hire Orientation
Therap Training
Alice Training
Specialized Diets Training

To further ensure the safety of our consumers, the O.T.C. thoroughly vets all of the staff. In order to create the safest environment for our adults, all personnel are required to pass a criminal background check and have a clean driving record which is checked semi-annually.