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Providing Valuable Vocational Training Programs to New Jersey

For more than fifty years, the Occupational Training Center of Burlington (O.T.C.) has been helping adults with disabilities train in various occupational disciplines, gain life skills, break down barriers to employment, and realize brighter futures within the Burlington community. Each year, we help more than 750 adults with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities by providing vocational training and job placement services. Our goal is to help these individuals build better futures for themselves and their communities by helping them cultivate the skills they need for success in the workforce.

Teaching Adults with Disabilities Skills for Success

The Occupational Training Center of Burlington creates unique employment opportunities and job training programs for adults with disabilities in New Jersey and provides support services as they discover new skills, talents, and interests through their experience in the workforce. Our vocational program is designed to train adults with disabilities and provide meaningful work experiences to help these individuals become more financially independent. In addition to specialized skill training and job opportunities, we also provide job placement for individuals who wish to transition to work outside of O.T.C. through our Supported Employment program.

Quality Training and Vocational Programs

Through Consumer Based Planning and our extensive vocational assessment program, we encourage individuals with disabilities to take an active role in developing new skills that help them reach their goals. We constantly monitor our results and the success of our consumers by continuously evaluating the services we offer. These programs assess work skills and habits, interests, and goals. They empower individuals to make informed training and career decisions, and their success helps the O.T.C. anticipate the needs of future consumers. As a result, we strive to provide the best training, vocational, and rehabilitation services for adults with disabilities in the Burlington community.

Partnering with the O.T.C.

For our business consumers, we offer a range of services from custodial and clerical work to grounds maintenance and recycling programs, all of which provide exceptional service while simultaneously creating new work opportunities for the adults in our programs. Contact us to learn more about partnering with the Occupational Training Center of Burlington to give back to the community by helping local adults with disabilities succeed in the workplace.