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The OTC is carefully monitoring the developing coronavirus (COVID -19). As of today, the Benchwork Assembly Program and all Community Access Centers will be suspended until further notice.
The OTC programs serve a large number of individual with various disabilities and medical conditions. Some of whom do not have strong immune systems. While we have taken every precaution to continue to disinfect and sanitize the facilities, we will be following Burlington County Health and DDD guidelines to close.
Staff are still to report to work until further notice.
We will continue to keep everyone notified. All immediate notifications to consumers and staff, will be given through our SmartNotice System. Please make sure we have your most up to date phone number.
Inspiring Growth by Providing Opportunity

The Occupational Training Center (O.T.C.) is a private non-profit corporation that proudly offers diversified vocational rehabilitation and job placement programs for adults with disabilities in Burlington County, New Jersey.

For over five decades, the mission of O.T.C. is to assist individuals with disabilities in reaching their highest potential by training them in a variety of vocational disciplines, providing employment opportunities, and preparing them for success in work as well and personal lives through adult day care and residential services.

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