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Contracted Services FAQs

Do I have to have a disability to work for the Occupational Training Center?

No, The Occupational Training Center has positions for both staff individuals and individuals that have a certified disability. Individuals with a disability should schedule an assessment with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), located at the Human Services building on Woodlane Road in Westampton, NJ. After the assessment and upon request the DVR office will refer you to the O.T.C. for employment possibilities.

What type work is available?

The Government Contracts Division has work in the janitorial field, food service, grounds maintenance and recycling.

Do you provide training?

Yes, the O.T.C. provides ongoing supervision and training for all positions.

Do you provide transportation to the different work positions?

In most cases yes but that depends on the pickup point. An individual’s pickup point must be within the catchment area for a certain position. If you are outside our catchment area you may still apply for a position but you must then provide transportation to your work site.

How do I apply for a janitorial or food service position?

If you are enrolled in DVR, you would speak to your representative and ask that he or she send a letter to the O.T.C. regarding a specific position. If there are open positions and you have the proper qualifications you will be asked to come to the O.T.C. for a job interview.

Do you have work positions outside Burlington County?

Yes, the O.T.C. has janitorial positions in Trenton, Mercer County and the city of Camden in Camden County; all other positions are located within Burlington County.

Are these positions full time positions?

Each position within the O.T.C. is based upon the individual contract. There are both full and part time positions.

Do these positions require work on the weekends?

Each position within the O.T.C. has a different set of requirements and are contract specific. Some of the contracts do have weekend and evening hours.

What is the rate of pay for these positions?

Each position has a different starting rate of pay. Depending on the type of work and specific contract your pay will be based on the starting rate for each contract.

Are there benefits associated with these positions?

Yes. Benefits do vary by position – you may call the O.T.C. for additional information.