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Friends of the OTC

In 2014, the state and federal governments began to put forth legislation surrounding the closure of sheltered workshop. This legislation would affect not only employees already in sheltered workshops, but also those wishing to enter into employment following special services education. In response, two guardians of current OTC Benchwork Assembly employees met, requested pertinent information and assistance from OTC management. The advocacy group, now known as, The Friends of the OTC was formed. Our effort is solely on advocating to ensure the freedoms of choice for individuals with disabilities. We will not accept a one size fits all process. 

How Can You Help?

We extend an invitation for your membership and commitment to this effort. Please come and join the Friends of the OTC. Help us protect the right of choice for individuals with disabilities. The Friends of the OTC meets monthly to discuss upcoming legislature, potential threats to the sheltered workshops, plan membership events, and more!

For more information email the Friends of the OTC at friendsofotc1@gmail.com