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2021 and 2022 Employees of the Year

Congratulations to Our 2021 and 2022 Employees of the Year, Enid Debardelaben and Robert Missovoulos

Please help us congratulate our Employees of the Year for 2021 and 2022!

Employee of the Year 2021: Enid Debardelaben

Our 2021 Employee of the Year, Enid Debardelaben, with Executive Director Isaac Manning and Board President Franklin Gomez

Enid played a significant role in keeping things safe at the OTC over the past few years. She implemented many Covid policies and safety protocols to keep everyone healthy. She has also been an invaluable asset to many departments within the OTC, always lending a helping hand. Enid has gone above and beyond during her time here. It shows in her dependable nature and willingness to help.

Enid was always here during 2020 and 2021, even when many were working remotely. She can always be found lending a helping hand and is a friendly face to anyone entering the 2 Manhattan Dr. building. She often assists HR, Professional Services, and Government Contracts. Her contributions to many aspects of OTC make her a valued team member and OTC’s 2021 Employee of the Year!

Employee of the Year 2022: Robert Missovoulos

Our 2022 Employee of the Year, Robert Missovoulos, with Executive Director Isaac Manning and Board President Franklin Gomez

Robert became the Marlton Day Program Supervisor last year. Despite having no previous experience in a supervisory role, Robert was able to become a strong leader in very little time. Robert developed a strong and connected team of staff at the Marlton CAC, and his team often receives praise from the families of program participants. For example, a parent recently wrote, “Robert is an incredible young man. He is dedicated and is doing a phenomenal job for my son.”

Robert has gone above and beyond to prove himself since his promotion. He organized events like the Talent Show and Art Show, which were a hit with participants and their families. Outside of his skills in event planning and activity organization, he has nearly doubled the number of participants in the Marlton CAC and even helped fill other centers and group homes. Robert’s contributions and hard work make him such an essential member of the OTC family. Because of his dedication and compassion, Robert was the perfect choice for 2022’s employee of the year.

It is an honor to have Enid and Robert on our team. Their passion and dedication to our mission inspires everyone involved in the organization, and they deserve their titles of Employee of the Year. We’re endlessly grateful for their contributions and look forward to their future with the OTC!