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Medicare Scams, Stimulus Checks, Disability Resources

  • The Social Security Administration is warning Medicare beneficiaries that scammers may try to use the pandemic to steal personal information.  
  • If someone calls, saying they are from Medicare and asks for personal information– just hang up.  
  • Reminder: SSA Representatives will never: 
    • Call beneficiaries to “verify” Medicare numbers 
    • Call to sell you anything 
    • Promise you things if you give them a Medicare number 
    • Visit you at your home 
    • Call you to enroll you in a Medicare program over the phone, unless you called first? 
  • Single adults with adjusted gross income less than $75,000 will receive checks for $1,200. Married couples whose adjusted gross income less than $150,000 will receive $2,400.  
  • You cannot receive a payment if anyone is claiming you as a dependent. 
  • For those receiving SSI benefits no action is required.  
    • If SSI benefits are received electronically, the Stimulus Check is received electronically.  
    • If SSI benefits come as a physical check, the stimulus check will be received as a physical check.  
  • If you did not file your 2019 federal income tax return or receive SSI or SSDI benefits, you can file here for the stimulus check: https://www.freefilefillableforms.com/#/fd/EconomicImpactPayment 

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