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The Importance of Day Programs

Spotlighting the Impact Day Programs Have On Adults With Disabilities

What are Day Programs?

Day programs create opportunities for adults with disabilities to develop and strengthen vital life skills. Specific activities are created to fit each individual’s personal needs and create an environment where independence is encouraged. 

Day Programs at OTC

At the OTC, day programs take place at our various Community Access Centers (CAC). There, clients have round-the-clock access to staff and nurses to aid with any needs that may come up. Our goal for our clients is to achieve life goals and develop independence over time. Each individual receives specialized programming tailor fit to their needs and goals to ensure they meet their full potential. 

Working on life skills such as meal prep, laundry, and household activities allows clients to become accustomed to integrating into society through independent living. In addition, these life skills allow for the development of social skills through communication and human interaction. 

Benefits of Day Program

Day programs can also help with employability. Individualized training can allow for clients to practice communication skills that will be beneficial for the workforce. Through communication with co-workers and customers, individuals are exposed to what work communication is like and can develop skills relating to these topics. Additionally through day programs, clients can learn to follow directions and adhere to rules

Community inclusion is an important aspect of day programs. By placing an emphasis on community interaction, individuals are further integrated into society and are given the chance to make use of skills learned through their programs. Volunteer activities and recreational activities provide memorable and engaging experiences for clients to remember for years to come. 

Supporting a wide array of clients, day programs can also support individuals with complex medical issues. Through our special need program, individuals can advance their range of motion and improve swallowing skills. With a dedicated team of nurses and staff, clients are likely to see measurable improvements in life and create lasting memories