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Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Resources

Resources for Advocates and Individuals With Disabilities

As Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month continues and we work towards creating change in our communities, we must utilize the available resources. With these resources, we can become better advocates and better understand individuals with developmental disabilities. While we are sharing these during DDAM, these resources are applicable year-round. We encourage you to read through these and do your research, as well as reach out to individuals with disabilities to get their input. 

Resources for Advocates

Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

These are just a handful of the many resources available, and it is important to recognize that each person is different and may prefer to be supported in different ways. Ask your friends and loved ones what will make them feel the most understood and included, and use that to be a better advocate for them. We hope you find these Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month resources helpful!

An abstract piece of artwork, depicting black leaf-like shapes with multicolored accents on a lime green background. Below the photo on an orange background reads "Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2023: Beyond the Conversation #DDAM2023"

This year’s featured art for DDAM, created by artist Jamila Rahimi from DC studio Art Enables.