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Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the Backbone of the OTC

Behind the scenes at the OTC

 DSPs at the OTC

Have you ever heard of a Direct Support Professional (DSP) before?


If not, you’re not alone. These trained professionals are the backbone of the disability community and help individuals with disabilities develop new skills and improve their lives.

Here at the OTC, we employ 79 Direct Support Professionals. Every day, they work hand in hand with the clients in our programs. DSPs assist them in developing and enhancing work habits as well as social and daily living skills through a variety of activities both in their homes, centers and in the community. DSPs are responsible for providing complex documentation and complying with oversight and training regulations.

DSPs at the OTC

Earlier this month, we marked Direct Support Professionals Week at the OTC. We showed our appreciation by hosting celebratory luncheons at our community access centers and group homes. Each DSP was presented with a personalized certificate of appreciation along with a gift and sweet notes of gratitude. For instance, the DSPs at the Southampton site got notes that read, “We would be muffin without you!” Other notes read “I donut know what we would do without you!” and “Wish there were s’more DSPs like you!”

DSPs at the OTC

Thanks to our DSPs for being the backbone of the OTC. The next time you see a DSP, be sure to thank them for their hard work!