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Group Homes at the OTC Help Clients Thrive

The OTC recently opened its newest group home. The Robert Scheying Group Home (RSGH) is located in Marlton and houses four women. This home provides these women with a safe and supportive environment to help them succeed.

One of those women is Blaire Underwood. She moved in just a few weeks ago but she’s already thriving!

Blaire Underwood at OTC Group Home

Blaire started working in the OTC’s Recycling Program, where she helps with the collection and processing of recyclables. This program helps employees, like Blaire, develop and grow job skills, become more self-sufficient, and promote a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Blaire Underwood at OTC Recycling Program

“Blair has adapted quickly to her role at OTC recycling,” said Frank Gorman, OTC Vocational Case Manager. “She has been quickly gaining confidence in herself as well as the respect of her coworkers.”

Blaire Underwood at OTC Group Home

Blaire has also quickly adjusted to life in the Robert Scheying Group Home. It didn’t take her long to decorate her room and she’s enjoyed getting to know her housemates. 

The Robert Scheying Group Home is one of four group homes owned and operated by the OTC in South Jersey. To learn more about the OTC’s group homes and to figure out if you or your loved one would be a good fit, visit https://www.otcbc.org/services/residentialhomes.