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NDEAM Benchwork Employee Spotlight

Spotlighting an outstanding benchwork employee


The month of October is recognized as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), and to celebrate, we want to spotlight a hardworking team member from our benchwork program. The goal of NDEAM is to highlight the importance of employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Many employees with disabilities are exploited or paid under the minimum wage. Often not getting credit for their work, NDEAM helps shine a light on our appreciation of their contributions.

Benchwork Program

The OTC provides many career opportunities for employees with disabilities. These careers allow for personal independence and provide opportunities to give back to the community. One career offered by the OTC is work in the Bench Assembly program. The program allows workers to learn the basics of assembly, Supporting more than 170 adults with disabilities each year.

The bench assembly program offers a wide variety of work opportunities. Options include assembly, packaging, collating, heat sealing, folding, gluing, and digital weighing. Located in the Burlington township OTC facility, employees work on the assembly of actual merchandise with an emphasis on quality control.


Working with the OTC for multiple years, Delia has proven herself to be genuinely passionate about her work. In the benchwork line, Delia works on assembling envelopes and packaging them as well as sealing and bundling them. Family members described Delia as having a very good work ethic. Through her work at the OTC, constantly striving to learn and become better at her job. Before working at the OTC, Delia worked at a daycare in high school, which helped develop her passion for helping others. Delia stated, “If you put your best foot forward with a can-do attitude, you can do anything.” This shows the kind of person she is and how motivated she is to do the best job possible.