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NDEAM Client Spotlight: Richard Nutt

As part of National Disability Employment Awareness (NDEAM) month, the OTC is highlighting one of our clients’ professional accomplishments each week in October! This week’s client spotlight is Richard Nutt.

Richard Nutt OTC Award

On September 21, 2018, Richard Nutt, a client and employee of the OTC’s Recycling Program, was awarded for being a modern-day hero.

While Rich was waiting for the bus, a fellow client was standing at the curb. Rich noticed she had a strange look on her face and seemed unsteady. As she began to fall backwards, he stepped in and prevented her from hitting the curb.

One of the OTC’s counselors, Tammy, was on-site and recalls Rich’s quick actions. “During bus duty, I heard my name and turned around to see Richard Nutt assisting a fellow client who had fallen down. As I started to run towards them, a client yelled out ‘seizure’.  I observed Rich holding her head up off the ground and was able to help him stabilize her upper body.”

Richard Nutt OTC Award

If it had not been for Richard’s quick thinking, the situation could have ended very differently. At the OTC, the staff is always there to help clients in need but what makes it so special is the comradery and support the clients ultimately have with and for each other. The OTC and its staff is so proud of Richard and his care for fellow clients and the community.