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Get to know Karen Elliott, our new Assistant Executive Director and Susan Whited, our new Director of Professional Services

The Occupational Training Center of Burlington County (OTC) has appointed Karen Elliott as the Assistant Executive Director, and Susan Whited as the Director of Professional Services. Both positions will go into effect on January 1st, 2023.

“I am more than pleased to see Karen and Susan take on their new positions,” said Isaac Manning, Executive Director of the Occupational Training Center of Burlington County. “Their continued dedication to the organization shows a true commitment and passion for the community we work with.”

Karen Elliott, Assistant Executive Director



As the Assistant Executive Director, Karen will oversee the OTC’s legislative advocacy and guidance for individuals with disabilities in New Jersey. To do this, Karen will serve as the OTC’s corporate designee for ACCESS NJ. Additionally, Karen will manage issues related to state and federal funding, transportation, and the growth and development of the OTC’s professional services department. 

Before being appointed the Assistant Executive Director, Karen served as the Director of Professional Services for the OTC. Karen’s over 40 years of experience makes her a vital asset for the OTC. Her dedication and desire to create change have been essential to impactful organizational developments. Her strong proposal writing skills made way for a proposal that obtained the Community Access Centers at Burlington and Cherry Hill from the state of New Jersey. Additionally, her project management and program development skills lead to significant advancements for the OTC, such as the development of vocational rehabilitation services within OTC and the development of the Community Access Centers at Marlton.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Karen and her new position as she continues to assist individuals in reaching their maximum potential.

Susan Whited, Director of Professional Services

As the Director of Professional Services, Susan will oversee the OTC’s Professional Services Department. This department specializes in services that assist individuals through the OTC’s vocational, adult day service, and residential programs. In addition to her new role, Susan will maintain an active role in the operations of the OTC’s group homes and community access centers. These operations include program services, compliance, and development.

For over 25 years, Susan has been working with individuals with disabilities. Initially starting as a Direct Support Professional, Susan made her way up the ranks to her previous position as the Director of Residential Services. Prior to working with adults with disabilities, Susan had worked in business administration. However, this career decision proved to be unfulfilling. It was not until Susan began volunteering with children with emotional disabilities and babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome that she realized her passion for working with individuals with disabilities.

This passion to help her community is what motivates Susan, stating “It is truly a privilege to watch [program participants] grow. You never know the difference you can make until you are part of the process. Even the smallest acts can have a major impact”. Susan shares her dedication to her job with others by mentoring other staff members and helping them discover their passions and options within the industry.

In her new position, Susan aims to see the continued growth of the OTC. Her vision is to improve and expand on the quality of programs that we offer. Additionally, she wants to bring in more technology to support the participants. Outside of work, Susan is an animal lover and an avid eagles fan.