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NJACP 2022 Award Winner – Charmaine G.


Charmaine G. has attended the Occupational Training Center’s Day Program for many years.  In August of 2021, she joined our Residential Program and moved into our Kathleen Wright Group Home.  She was previously under the care of a different organization, when the group home she was living in had a terrible fire.  The effects of the fire were devastating for Charmaine.  Not only was she displaced from her home, but she lost a housemate in the fire and everything she owned.  Despite having gone through such a traumatic event, Charmaine does not let it affect her negatively and continues to radiate happiness everywhere she goes.

Charmaine greets everyone she sees with a bright cheerful smile and her laugh is contagious. Charmaine enjoys joking with staff members and has a great sense of humor.  She also enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend at the Day Program and calling him on the phone to talk when she is home. Charmaine loves to dress up.  She’s always trying different hairstyles and choosing new colors and designs for her nails.  Beyoncé is her Idol, and she loves to use that name as her nickname when someone asks what to all her.  Charmaine also enjoys decorating her bedroom, eating dinner out and singing karaoke with her peers.

As Charmaine has become more comfortable in her new home, she has definitely come out of her shell.  Charmaine continues to make daily, notable strides in becoming more physically and verbally independent.  Charmaine amazes the staff members with what she can do around the group home. Charmaine loves to show off new things she can do independently, such as holding her microphone while she’s singing.  Charmaine is always kind to her housemates and to everyone she comes in contact with.  

Charmaine has truly triumphed in the face of adversity; she lights up every room with her sparkling personality and is a ray of sunshine!  She definitely deserves this nomination for the NJACP STARs Award!