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NDEAM Client Spotlight: Jamar Colter

National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) may have come to a close, but the OTC is still highlighting our clients’ personal accomplishments! This week, we are spotlighting Jamar Colter.

Jamar Colter at the OTC

Jamar Colter first came to the OTC in 2016, attending through the trail work program. Due to some medical issues, he was unable to complete the program at that time. However, Jamar showed his perseverance when he restarted the program in June of this year and finished it a month later!

Jamar is currently working in the Benchwork program as part of Extended Employment. He has shown great progress- from first learning how to count and bag envelopes to later mastering how to seal plastic envelopes. He currently works under his floor supervisor, Ron, who praises his achievements working on Trifolds and Pepsi products.

Jamar Colter at the OTC

Annette Thomas, Jamar’s vocational case manager adds, “I am very proud of his achievements. Mr. Colter was certified by DVRS as 32% of competitive employment. He only had to be 20%… I think Mr. Colter… has a lot of potential to be whatever he chooses to be.”

Jamar is a shining example of how clients can overcome challenges and find success with a bit of perseverance and support from the OTC family!