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Opening of the Robert Bankard Group Home

The OTC Recently Opened Its Sixth Group Home in Willingboro

Group Homes

We are proud to announce the opening our sixth group home for adults with disabilities. Located in Willingboro, the Robert Bankard group home will serve as a safe environment for residents to receive support and further develop core skills.

The Robert Bankard group home will join the OTC’s five other group homes in providing round-the-clock service to its residents. This ensures that guests maintain a high quality of life while maintaining independence. Our group homes strive to provide opportunities for residents to attain skills that allow them to be self-sufficient. This is done through programming that improves practical living skills and community integration.

Robert Bankard

Robert Bankard’s dedication to his community and this organization made him the perfect candidate to name the new group home after. For one, Robert was the treasurer of the OTC for over 30 years. In addition, Robert served as the board president from 1986 to 1988 becoming a crucial member in the advocacy for individuals with disabilities. Robert is currently an advisory board member, assisting the board treasurer in managing the OTC’s overall financial goals and direction.

It is safe to say that community is important to Robert. This is seen through his countless efforts to help those in need. Whether it be his status as a US Marine or his work delivering Christmas gifts to families in hardship, Robert has always made it clear that assisting others is his priority. Robert truly cares about the OTC and its clients, stating, “Our priority is always the clients. It’s a joy to me to see them have a life quality that would not exist without this organization.”

Benefits of Group Homes

With assistance from trained staff members, residents will learn daily living skills. Examples include practicing meal preparation, personal hygiene skills, and household cleaning tasks. Additionally, residents will gain work experience and be able to work on social skills and partake in volunteer work in the community.