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Ask Me!…about what is the MOST IMPORTANT part of my job.

A Federal Committee formed to evaluate employment opportunities is preparing to submit a recommendation to the president to eliminate the 14 C option (payment of subminimum wages). This recommendation has the potential to dramatically impact, perhaps eliminate the viability of sheltered workshops/Community Programs throughout the country. Community Programs provide vocational training and work to individuals with disabilities who have shown a strong desire to remain in these programs where they can have the satisfaction of earning a paycheck in a work environment of their choosing.

Recently a group of parents and supporters formed a group, Friends of the OTC, to protect their loved ones who work in a sheltered workshop program and to raise awareness of this attempt by a federal committee to bypass existing law and force their sons, daughters and friends out of work, denying them employment in a setting especially designed for their specific needs and abilities. Many people who do not have a family member or friend with a disabilities may not know how important CP’s are to people with disabilities. CPs provide more than employment – they provide individuals with the satisfaction and pride of earning a paycheck.

If you would like to learn more about this issue, please write to Friends@OTCBC.org.
Or visit www.AskMeCampaign.org where individuals with disabilities explain in detail why these workshops are so important to them. These individuals with disabilities ask a most important question to the members of this committee, why don’t you Ask Me before making any change.

There is also a wonderful video from the very individuals who stand to lose their employment if this legislation is passed. Please take a moment and view– the video is short but summarizes this issue much more than words possibly can.