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The recycling program at O.T.C. serves as a cornerstone to our community-based contracts. It has been hailed as one of the most innovative recycling programs in the nation. Our recycling center provides recycling and collection services to Burlington County, the State of New Jersey, and military installations in South Jersey. The recycling program at O.T.C. has established credibility as a highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sound recycling programs. The Burlington County Regional Recycling Program serves as one of the largest shared services in the State of New Jersey.

Working in conjunction with our training centers, we are able to employ more than 65 individuals with disabilities to work in the collection and processing of recyclables and as heavy machinery operators. In addition to providing exceptional recycling services, our center also creates an opportunity for these adults to learn job skills, establishes self-sufficiency, and promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Burlington County

The Robert C. Shinn Recycling Center at the O.T.C has been completely renovated to accommodate single-stream recycling as part of the Burlington County Regional Recycling Program.

Click Here to Take A Video Tour of Single Stream Recycling Facility

O.T.C. is currently contracted by the Burlington County Freeholders to collect and process recyclables from all 40 municipalities. Each day, our fleet of 22 recycling trucks collects about 195 tons of recyclables from approximately 161,000 households including single and multi-family homes. Our recycling facility is designed to accommodate a wide range of recyclables including:

  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal containers

Our services are both affordable and efficient. In 2013, the O.T.C provided recycling services to Burlington County for a monthly cost of only $2.80 per household while simultaneously diverting over 105 million pounds of recyclable material away from landfills. We pride ourselves on developing recycling services that give our customers the most efficient, cost-effective approach to recycling.

State of New Jersey

In 2007, the state of New Jersey awarded a contract to O.T.C. to provide recycling services to all of the state facilities located in Mercer County. Nine years later, through 2014, O.T.C. has collected and processed 8,956 tons of recycling from 83 facilities.

Military Installations

In addition to our contracts with Burlington County and the state of New Jersey, the O.T.C. also maintains recycling collection contracts with three large military bases in South Jersey. The recycling center is located at the McGuire AFB and collects recyclables from the offices, military installations, and houses at McGuire AFB, Ft. Dix Military Installation and Lakehurst Naval Station. Our military recycling facility collects and processes:

  • Paper
  • Food and Beverage Containers
  • Scrap Metal
  • Fluorescent Lighting Tubes
  • Tires