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Recycling at Military Installations

In addition to our contracts with Burlington County and the state of New Jersey, the O.T.C. also maintains recycling collection contracts with three large military bases in South Jersey. The recycling center is located at the McGuire AFB and collects recyclables from the offices, military installations, and houses at McGuire AFB, Ft. Dix Military Installation and Lakehurst Naval Station.

Our military recycling facility collects and processes:

  • Paper
  • Food and Beverage Containers
  • Scrap Metal
  • Florescent Lighting Tubes
  • Tires

Our teams are proud of the services we provide for the military and the employment opportunities created for adults with disabilities. Our recycling team for McGuire AFB, Ft. Dix and Lakehurst consists of four specially trained individuals who are skilled at collecting recyclables, separating and sorting recyclables, and operating baling machines. In addition to providing recycling services to our military, this work also gives these adults opportunities to work towards self-sufficiency, provides a sense of pride and accomplishment, and helps create additional programs for other adults with disabilities at O.T.C.