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Residential Services

The OTC offers Residential Services, also known as Group Homes, as an option for individuals with developmental disabilities. Residential homes are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure a safe and enriching home. 

OTC Residential Homes promote a high quality of life in a caring environment. Our goal is to provide each of the consumers with the opportunities and skills needed to become more self-sufficient, as the staff works to maintain an enjoyable learning environment. The OTC has affirmed its commitment to provide quality homes that go beyond the basics to establish superior homes for our residents. 


The Residential Homes house individuals over the age of 21 who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Programming at the group home focuses on the development of practical living skills. The staff members will focus on teaching the residents daily living skills to increase their independence, which includes everything from grooming to completing household chores and preparing meals.

During the day, residents will take part in Day Habilitation or Vocational Training programs. In order to become more active members of their community, program participants volunteer and take part in community activities. 


Currently, the OTC owns and manages four residential facilities. Our first group home, The Patricia Leuliette Home, in Burlington, is home to five adult men. The Kathleen Wright Home, located in Marlton is home to four adult women. The Florence Gilbert home, located in Willingboro, is the residence of four adult men.  The Robert Scheyhing Home, located in Marlton, is home to four adult women. 

The OTC has plans to open two additional group homes in the next year, expanding the opportunities it provides for individuals with disabilities in and around Burlington County.