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Residential Services

The OTC offers Residential Services as an option for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Residential group homes are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure a safe and enriched environment.  The OTC’s Residential Group Home Program promotes a high quality of life in a caring environment focusing on personal growth and independence for the Residents.  Residential Homes house individuals over the age of 21 who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.


Our goal is to provide each Resident with opportunities and skills to become more self-sufficient as staff members help maintain an enjoyable learning environment.  The OTC is committed to delivering programming beyond the basics to establish superior homes for the Residents.  Programming focuses on improving practical living skills and increasing community integration.  Trained staff members teach Residents daily living skills to increase their independence, including personal hygiene skills, household cleaning tasks  and meal preparation.  The OTC also prioritizes opportunities to be active members of the community through volunteer activities and community outings.

During day hours, Residents can participate in Vocational Training programs on Day Habilitation at our Community Access Centers. 


Currently, the OTC owns and manages residential homes in Burlington, Marlton and Willingboro.  The OTC has plans to open additional group homes in the upcoming year, expanding the opportunity to provide housing opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


Our residents are encouraged to share any desires they have for Community outings or in-home activities.  Our residents regularly participate in physical and social activities like going to sporting events, live music, shopping, going to the boardwalk at the shore, seasonal events and more.