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Supported Employment

Supported Employment

At O.T.C. we are dedicated to helping motivated adults with disabilities find the training, work, and skills they need to become more independent. The Supported Employment program is designed to help adults with disabilities develop the skills needed to find competitive employment. Specialized training and counseling services are tailored to each individual’s unique needs. These services can include: resume writing, job searching, and employment skills.  Our staff and counselors conduct a thorough evaluation of not only the individual’s skills, but also of their work history, interests, their disability, and the successes they have had while working in a variety of jobs. Then, the Employment Specialist helps locate and match each adult with a suitable employer and often train them on the use of public transportation to maximize self-sufficiency.

Our Employment Specialists continue to work with individuals once they are placed in employment to ensure a smooth transition into the new working environment. The first few weeks are critical; our specialists are in close contact with the adult during this phase, often working directly with them at their job and providing additional follow-up meetings both in and outside of the workplace. Once gainful employment is found, our specialist continues to work with that individual and their new employer to ensure a good fit and to help provide additional support in the continued development of work habits and life skills. Some of these employment opportunities include:

  • Burlington County College
  • Sam’s Club
  • Chesterbrook Academy
  • Wawa
  • Virtua Hospital
  • Private companies


Employment Training


The Employment Training program at O.T.C. recruits skilled individuals with disabilities who, while successful in their training, have had difficulty retaining jobs. Individuals brought into the Employment Training program are further trained in their work skills, but are also taught new work habits and job skills that will prepare them for sustainable work in the private sector. Some of this training is done through our successful recycling program that offers adults with disabilities the opportunity to learn new skills and responsibilities associated with larger operations.

We also have placement services for adults with disabilities who are referred to us and whose needs would be best served in the private, for-profit business world. In these instances, clients do not train through the vocational programs at O.T.C. Instead, they work closely with Employment Specialists who help match them with prospective employers. These trained individuals benefit from both the support of the O.T.C. staff as well as the guidance and direction of our services through the Supported Employment program.